The Facilities

Internet & WiFi

Key Surf Internet Service

The building is serviced with Superfast internet speeds. This standard service is included in your rent.

There will be wireless internet throughout the building with 24/7 support.

There will also be a provision of internet to residential rooms by a wall data port. A standard Ethernet cable will be provided. Replacement cables will be available at a small charge.

Multiple devices may be connected to the network port in your room, including games consoles.


A VOIP telephone will be provided as standard in each room. This will have a direct dial number. Calls between all accommodation rooms will be free.

There is 24/7 Support. UK and international calls are charged for at competitive prices and the prices are available in your welcome pack. A voicemail service is provided as standard.

The telephone service is pay-as-you-go and you can top up your account using your debit or credit card.

The VOIP telephone in your room must remain connected to the ethernet socket for it to work. Loss or damage to the VOIP phone in your room will result in a £100 + VAT charge.

Inter Room Communication

Your room will have a telephone where you can make internal and external calls. Your internal calls are free of charge and your external calls are pre-paid.


IPTV is a Keycom service which allows you to view streamed Freeview TV through your Laptop.

KeyView distributes Freeview TV through the data network, where it can be viewed through a computer via a standard browser, either in a window or in full screen mode, or on a tablet or smartphone. There are currently around 50 TV channels and 25 radio channels to choose from.

Note: A UK television licence is required to use this service.

Aerial Services

Apex Heights has aerial facilities so that you can watch TV in your bedroom. However it is the student’s responsibility to purchase a TV. The Television Licensing Authority requires that every television has a licence, so you’ll need to buy a licence for any TV’s you bring to your flat.


At Apex Heights, your safety is of utmost importance.

You’ll find 24 hr CCTV at the entrance door and on every floor. The CCTV is recorded 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

There is also a 3 tier security system to gain entry into the rooms: you will need your key to enter the building, your card swipe to enter your floor, then your key to enter your room. Your bedroom will also have an internal door lock.

Any lost cards or keys can be replaced via our key holders, however a charge may be levied.


All communal areas will be cleaned on your behalf to keep a high standard of cleanliness, health and safety. It will be your responsibility to keep your own room clean and tidy.

Smoking is prohibited at Apex Heights – this includes the bedrooms.

There is a designated sheltered smoking area outside Apex Heights.


There is a coin-operated Laundromat on level four of Apex Heights, where you can wash and dry your laundry 24 hrs a day.

This is a managed service through one of the market leaders of commercial laundry equipment.

Bike Shed

There is a complementary sheltered bike shed on-site with space for 10 bikes. Please note you should provide your own padlock should you wish to take advantage of this.


Your post will be distributed daily, straight into your own pigeon-hole mailbox by the Warden. All mail will be treated as private and confidential.


Apex Heights is a warden-assisted building. The Warden/Caretaker will deal with any issues you may have regarding your room or the building and will be your first point of contact.

Home Packs

To help you settle into your new room, we have a range of unique home packs that cater for all the essentials that you will need, at a cheaper price than many UK stores.

You can select the pack that best suits your needs including bedding, kitchen and bathroom items as well as arrange for it to be waiting for you on your arrival.


All the essentials are covered in this Bedroom Kit so you can unpack, unwind and sleep easy! This handy pack includes a bed sheet, duvet, duvet cover and pillow with pillow case and 5 clothes hangers.


This useful Kitchen Kit is a must-have for any well-equipped kitchen. 28 different items await ranging from cutlery to cooking items to cleaning tools…clever thinking!


This 5-piece Bathroom Kit contains all the staples a bathroom should have, including:

1 x Face Towel, 1 x Bath Towel, 1 x Hand Towel, 1 x Bath Mat and 1 x Pop Up Mesh Laundry Bag