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Apex Testimonials

Staying in Apex has been amazing. There is 24-hour support. What you see is what you get. The rooms are lovely, the atmosphere on the floor is wonderful and there is always someone willing to help.

– Mary Jane 2015-2017

As a second-year student, I wanted to have my own privacy, peace and quiet. Apex Heights offers one of the cheapest accommodations in Luton in a well secure area within the city. Everything is within walking distance and the rooms are great.

– Petros 2016-17

Apex Heights is the best student accommodation in Luton. Both the management and the rooms are beyond exceptional. I moved into Apex in my third year, I only wish I had spent my first and second year there too.

– Macaulay 2016-17

I needed an apartment on very short notice as school was just days away and I had had a bad experience looking for accommodation through another agency. I was overwhelmed by the empathy, efficiency and thoughtfulness Gina handled my application and ultimately the dispatch with which she handled my lease when I had to leave abruptly before my lease run its full course. I found an attentive ear whenever issues arose during my stay at Apex, which was few and insignificant really. I felt safe during my stay and the environment was always spotless. I think of my stay at Apex and peace-of-mind comes to mind.

– Romeo 2016-17

Having previously lived in student halls, I was pleasantly surprised with the laid back and peaceful atmosphere at Apex. My time at Apex was most enjoyable, with friendly and efficient staff happy to deal with queries or any other problems I may have had.

The room was bright, clean and very nice to live in during my stay with a particular highlight being the comfortable bed and large shower. I was extremely happy with the level of cleanliness throughout the building and especially pleased with the security of the building and my room. Overall, I have been incredibly satisfied with my time at Apex and would highly recommend it to any student looking for somewhere great to live during their studies.

– Henry 2015-16

Staying at Apex Heights was a real God-send after a year in University Halls and another in a house-share. As a female student, the most important considerations for me living in Luton were security, location and cost – in that order. My stay at Apex heights delivered all 3 and it was such a relief to have bills included in the price with no worries. Maintenance was responsive and staff were helpful without being intrusive. I really couldn’t recommend the accommodation more highly – I wish I’d stayed there from the beginning of my course.

– Rhianna 2015-16

Apex Heights is a perfect place for any student as it is perfect location to get to everything and there is wonderful staff to help you with anything you wish. The two bedroom flats are perfect for an individual or to live with your best mate as they have everything you need and they are all lovely and clean and have everything you need. I had one of my best years living here and I would recommend it to anyone.

– Hannah 2015-16

Apart from the warmth of my room, everything was perfect for me, I always felt really welcome and always greeted by a smiley face. It felt just like home. You were also so lovely for all the kind gestures and made my stay so happy. I wish you all the best, please keep in touch. Sending my love.

– Carly 2015-16

Apex Heights! What can I say?

I can honestly tell you here has been the best student accommodation ever! I’ll start off with the location, everything is close by. A minute’s walk to the mall, galaxy, the gym everything, I can even see it from my window and its VERY close to the Uni. It’s a quiet and private location and a very nice area to live.

The place itself is so welcoming, very friendly landlords, always willing to listen and solve any problem, also a caretaker always there to help at whatever hours he’s called. The security is 24/7. I really like the fob we have, it makes me feel so safe and secure knowing that only residents at Apex can enter the student halls.

The interaction with the students also is an enjoyable experience, free telephone inside each room that can be used to call other rooms. Very luxurious. The rooms are very spacious, everything I expected from the pictures. The whole experience has just been excellent and I can go on forever but I’ll stop here. In conclusion I recommend this place to everyone and I personally am definitely staying another year.

Thank you Apex Heights!

– David 2014/15 and 2015/2016

I have lived in Apex Heights in the second year of my university which I shared with my university friend. It was the best accommodation we had lived in during the whole 3 years. It was a 5 minute walk to the town and the university. We had no problem with the neighbourhood whatsoever. Nick and Gina are also very lovely people! I definitely recommend for those who are not so familiar with Luton to move into such a lovely environment shared amongst other university students.

– Funda 2013-14

Choosing to stay at Apex Heights was the best decision I made in my second and third year. Not only did I have the luxury of having my own space (free from sharing the kitchen and bathroom with other people, that may not respect my belongings), but I also was able to meet respectful and interesting people – from the owner to the people that lived on my floor and on the other floors.

I also have to mention that the apartment building is perfectly located near to the University with a 5-10 minute walk to the Uni so for those that wake up late you get the hint.

Located down the road you will find The Gym for those who are into or want to get into fitness, the club called Liquid/Envy for the partygoer and the town centre allowing great access to stores that supply everything a student would need with the bonus being that these vicinities do not affect your peace or style of living when you return from your activity allowing study time without distractions. Only thing left to say is make the most of your time at University by living at Apex Heights.

– Aaron Williams 2013/14 and 2014/2015

Staying with Apex Heights has been a wonderful experience. Great accommodation, great staff, great location, clean, secure, and to top that up it is modern!

– Feras 2014-2015

First year can be daunting and where you are living must not add to this inherently stressful time… I found that Apex Heights offered me a stress free environment that allowed privacy while offering the security and support. This allowed me to focus on my studies and as a result I managed to get firsts in every essay, quiz, assessment and exam I took! Thank you guys you are brill!

– Claudette 2014-2015